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Waterproof Sticker Vinyl

Waterproof Sticker Vinyl

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Introducing our waterproof sticker vinyl! Our product has been designed to be durable and flexible. Waterproof sticker vinyl gives a vibrant and long-lasting color on your wall, great for dorms, home decorations, laptops, equipment, party favors, water bottles and so much more!

Suitable for all inkjet printers on the market & compatible with waterbased ecosolvent inks, print and dry together, waterproof effect. While our sticker paper is waterproof, not all printer inks are. To achieve full waterproofness we recommend applying a UV sealer spray or laminate.

Our printable stickers have a removable adhesive which which allow room to make small adjustments if applied incorrectly, and will remove cleanly with no residue left behind.

20 sheets included

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