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N&A Ink Blast Eco Solvent Ink

N&A Ink Blast Eco Solvent Ink

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Introducing N&A INK BLAST a water based eco solvent ink for Epson desktop printers.
YES! You read that correctly! You can convert your Epson printer to an Eco Solvent Printer meaning you can print directly on printable vinyl.  By simply filling your eco tank and adding our ink, you can have a Eco solvent right on your desktop!

Benefits of N&A Ink Blast Ink:
*Get the same quality as the big solvent printers without the cost
*Printable vinyl can be transferred to any color fabric
*Budget friendly
*Almost no dry time
*It's Eco friendly

Use our "N&A Ink Blast Eco-Solvent Ink" for your converted Epson printer to create bright and colorful projects. 4 pack of Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow available. 70ml

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